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This post is more of a vent then anything particularly informative. Perhaps when you read this, you will feel a little better about your kids. But I do have recommendations that may help with at least a couple of these. However, before trying any of these, I would recommend seeing a professional before making a decision. I am only talking about my own experiences. But if you have any other recommendations I would love to hear from you in our contact us page. Well anyway, here we go…

The Smelly Feet

Is it just my kids or do their feet really start to smell at around the age of 10? The entrance of my house is now usually not a pleasant place to be. My kids to play a lot of sport and we live in an area where it rains a lot. This means that it is very possible that bacteria is growing inside their shoes. So what I do is put their shoes in the washing machine every couple of weeks, put them near a heater each time they get a wet, and use talcum powder. In combination, these things seem to work quite well.

Loud Snoring

One of my children snores really loudly, so much so that I can hear him from my bedroom. What we actually did was to get him to sleep on his back and that actually worked really well. It took him a little getting used to, but it worked wonders. Other things we tried were getting him to try a special non-snoring pillow, and even one of those nasal strips. None of those worked as well as sleeping on his back for us.


I think a very common trait for kids is them being really lazy. I think that it is more common if they are overweight. But this is not always the case. One of our kids is very lazy and he won’t do anything unless he finds it fun. It is very tiring. I found what helped is to find many outdoor fun activities where all our kids could have fun and get some exercise at the same time.


Luckily only one of our children scream, the others are pretty quiet most of the time. I don’t think that I could handle all of them yelling at once. I started to talk really calmly to him and would not give as much attention to him when he is screaming. I also try to have a very relaxed environment at home to help him keep relaxed and quiet. This works pretty well at times, but if any of you have any recommendations, I would love to hear about them.

Attention Seeking

This is usually more relevant when you have a single child, but all kids at times love attention and if you don’t give it to them at the right time, they often get out of control. Sometimes it feels like the children are ruling the house. What I find helps is sitting down with your child and letting them know of clear rules and expectations around their behaviour. I would recommend only having this chat when they are relaxed and happy as this way they may actually listen.


After the birth of a child, there may be lots of weight you need to lose unless you are one of the really lucky ones who seem to still be slim even after the birth. The problem is that you are out of practice, your muscles get sore if you try anything strenuous and you don’t have all day to exercise.

There are several things we can do such as go to exercise classes, get a personal trainer, go for walks with your child, and more. There are even apps available which have set exercises you can do. Whatever you choose on doing, supplements may be able to help here. But before you take any supplements, see your doctor first to make sure they are safe for your baby while you are breastfeeding. Here we will more specifically talk about nitric oxide supplements. These supplements actually provide your body with more oxygen and therefore providing more oxygen to your muscles. What this means is that your muscles take a far shorter time to recover after a workout, and you will be able to push yourself harder during a workout. So how exactly do nitric oxide supplements work?


This is a precursor to nitric oxide and can increase the amount of blood flow during workouts which leads more effective workouts. It is a.


Citrulline will increase nitric oxide production and also supports blood flow through your body. It has also been known to delay fatigue getting in and even support muscular energy.


This one is a byproduct from L-arginine which is known to increase your blood flow. It usually also encourages nutrient transport.


This is another one similar to l-arginine. It is also meant to increase blood flow and give you a boost to your workouts.

Arginine Ethyl Ester

This ingredient enhances your body’s nitric oxide boosting capabilities as it helps with absorption. Feel the effect of arginine ethyl ester when you next head to the gym.

There are many types of supplements available. Nitric oxide supplements are generally regarded as one of the safer options available. And they have also shown good results. If you would like to know more about nitric oxide supplements, click here. These supplements can be a great day of helping you lose post pregnancy weight and get back to being toned.

Just a final note and reminder, it is important to seek your doctor’s advice before taking any supplements especially during breastfeeding.

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While there are many disadvantages for our bodies while being pregnant including stretch marks, mood swings, etc, there are though many advantages of being pregnant. But these advantages are not often talked about. The only things that are normally talked about are, I’ll get fat, I can’t drink any alcohol, etc. So what are some of the advantages of being pregnant and what will you miss?

Healthy Glow

No one really seems to know exactly where the “healthy glow” of a pregnant woman comes from. It is not really explained in medical terms but much be something to do with inner happiness. There is no mistaking a nice healthy pregnant woman’s glow! Looks amazing.

Eating For Two

You have the best excuse to go back for a second serving of dinner (as long as it is healthy). You are now eating for two which means you can eat more. However, this does not mean that you should eat 2 servings of dessert. Or even 1 for that matter. It is very important to keep eating very healthy while being pregnant as the food you eat may impact your child’s health. Seek your doctor’s opinion for further advice or clarification.

Enlarged Breasts

One of the awesome side effects of being pregnant is larger breasts. If you normally have a smaller bust, you can really get to enjoy these things and so will your partner. While there are things you can do to increase your bust size, it is recommended that none of these be performed while being pregnant.


In our busy lifestyles, it is difficult to take naps. Both in terms of not having time for a nap, and feeling guilty that you napped rather than did some chores. But, when you are pregnant, it seems that people expect you to have naps and therefore making them guilt free. And since people expect them, you will definitely find time for a nap even in your busy lifestyle.

Dirty Dishes

We believe that it is important to be realistic about what having kids will be like, especially multiple kids. Kids often seem like a good idea until we have them. We think nothing will change in our lives and we will still be able to catch up with friends as often and still do all the things we like. And this may be possible in some cases. We believe that if you imagine the worst case scenario and you still want kids, then go for it. That way if you have kids and it’s not as bad as the worst case, then it’s a win. This is a much better way than picturing the best case scenario and if anything is worst then best case, you may be disappointed.

If you have multiple kids, you know how many chores there are, especially before the kids are old enough to help out. Here are some of the major ones.

Preparing Meals

If you used to make large meals for your partner and yourself and would have left over for another two nights, you can kiss that routine goodbye. It doesn’t take long before kids start eating almost as much as us and if you have multiple kids, this can be quite costly and takes up a lot of time. Here are some good ideas for meals for your family.


Seeing as you will need to cook each night rather than every second or third, this will greatly increase the amount of dirty dishes and pots/pans. This is fine once the kids are old enough to help with the dishes, but until then, be prepared for more dishes!


Did you know that the average baby goes through thousands of diapers? Multiply that by a few kids and you will quickly find yourself buried in disposable diapers. So either get used to changing thousands of disposable diapers or try getting some reusable cloth diapers which will save you money but will increase your workload in terms of laundry.


So after dinner has been made, dishes done, diapers changed, then comes the cleaning. Kids can make a heck of a mess in a very short time. You may need to allow for around 30 minutes a day for cleaning depending on how many kids you have and how messy they are.

So before having kids, have a good hard think about if you’re ready. Kids change your life and in most cases they change your life in a really good way. But you won’t be able to do quite as much as you did before.

New mother

There are many of us out there that think that once our pregnancy is over and our baby is born, we will go back to a normal (ish) life with all those crazy effects of pregnancy. And I’m not talking about we can now go back to going out for drinks Friday night, recover Saturday, then go to the beach Sunday. I’m talking about we think that our bodies and mind will go back to normal. While for some people this may happen, but not for most of us. Most of us will suffer from some post birth side effects, here is what I mean…

Put On Weight

After having our baby, our exercise regime has gone out the window and we are probably spending a lot more time at home. And we all know that when we are at home, we like to make our way to the kitchen and have some snacks. A great way to combat this is to prepare healthy snacks a head of time and try to make at least one outing each day.

Stretch Marks

A very common occurrence after giving birth is stretch marks. Some mothers don’t get any stretch marks, some get marks that are last a few months and others get stretch marks permanently. This is caused by the dermis tearing in your skin. The dermis is the middle layer of skin which basically allows the skin to keep its shape. But the good news is that there are cures for stretch marks. There are creams that we can use during pregnancy to try to prevent stretch marks. There are also creams we can use after stretch marks have been formed and also stretch marks that have occurred years ago. So it’s not all bad news.

Baby Blues

What on earth are baby blues I hear you say? Well the good news is that they only usually last a few days to a week. Baby blues are when you feel tired, moody, and/or anxious during the first few days after giving birth. This is not to be confused with postnatal depression.

Postnatal Depression (PND)

Seems strange as we are usually really excited about having a baby, so why on earth would we get depression after the birth of our child? Unlike baby blues, you are unlikely to recover from PND so quickly. PND can sometimes go on for months especially if left unchecked and without help. It is important to recognize the symptoms and seek help immediately if you suspect you or a partner is suffering from PND. There are several reasons that can cause PND which include such as our lives change so drastically so suddenly. We were still living a semi normal life pretty much until the baby is born, then everything changes. We struggle to even make it to a coffee shop as we may be struggling to even leave the house as there is so much to prepare. I would strongly recommend seeing your doctor and talking to your partner if you believe you are suffering from PND.


When you have kids, they always seem to want to eat. It seems like they only had lunch about 20 minutes ago and they are already looking for more food. So we have come up with a list of 5 healthy snacks that kids can have when you’re out of the house or even at home. The good news is that you will love these snacks too!

Trail Mix

Trail mix is one of those foods which is really easy to take around with you and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. But be smart about which trail mix you buy, check the ingredients and avoid ones with nasty ingredients or with chocolate. The healthiest option is to by the nuts separately and add them all together. This way you put in all your favorite ingredients and your favorite proportions. Here are some trail mix recipes.

Protein Bars

This is another great option. Protein bars keep you going for a long time but be very careful which protein bars you buy as more often than not, they have about as much nutritious benefit as a candy bar. Best option would be a make your own, check out a protein bar recipe here. This way you will ensure all healthy ingredients are used. If you do decide to buy your next protein bar, avoid bars with high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, preservative, and sugar.

Boiled Eggs

A really quick and very easy to prepare snack on the go, and they taste great. You can have them with a piece of bread or even plain. And for added convenience, try pealing them before you go out and wrap them in aluminum foil or a little food box.

Pumpkin Seeds

Have you ever had plain pumpkin seeds? They taste great and are very convenient while on the move. Or if you are watching a movie at home, they are a great substitute for popcorn. Just make sure you get the unsalted pumpkin seeds for the healthiest option.

Cut Up Vegetables

This is a great snack for people of all ages. Try cutting up some carrots, celery, and broccoli into a little container and wash all the vegetables before heading out. They are really tasty and are really good for you. Remember, if you plan your snacks ahead of time, you and your family will be far better off!

Lose pre-pregnancy weight

Ok so the hard work is done and the baby has been born right? Well…most of the time we are now a lot larger than we were before, sometimes 20-30 pounds more post pregnancy. But what to do? We now have even less time than we had before so how do we lose these unwanted extra pounds? Well, we have come up with a list below which should help you get right back on track to your pre pregnancy weight.

Baby Exercises

Ever thought of incorporating your baby into your daily exercises? This way your baby has fun and is kept entertained while you work out. This means that you don’t need to keep a constant eye on your child while you work out which is fantastic. It is amazing how many exercises you can incorporate your baby into, give it a try but be careful not to do anything silly! Check out some great ideas for baby exercises here.

Weight Loss Shakes

Another great way to lose those unwanted extra pounds from pregnancy is to try weight loss shakes. I would advise you see your doctor before taking these shakes if you are still breastfeeding just as a precaution. Weight loss shakes can be a great way to lose weight especially when a new mother has very little time to actually eat. Just start with one shake a day to replace breakfast then see how that’s working for you. Wouldn’t recommend having more than two shakes a day.


Studies have yet to prove this one 100%, but breastfeeding is usually a great way to lose those pregnancy pounds. This can really help you get back to you pre-baby weight and fast. If your breastfeeding your baby all the time with no milk mixtures, this can help you burn approximately 300 calories per day. This benefit along with breastfeeding being great for your baby by increasing their immunity is a win-win.

Super Foods

If you are breastfeeding, it is always a good idea to load up on the super foods to help you get to your maximum vitamin level. Choose foods which are low in fats and calories and high in vitamins and minerals. Fish and lean meats are great ideas. Here is a great list of super foods you can use to help you get on track.