Losing Post Pregnancy Weight

Lose pre-pregnancy weight

Ok so the hard work is done and the baby has been born right? Well…most of the time we are now a lot larger than we were before, sometimes 20-30 pounds more post pregnancy. But what to do? We now have even less time than we had before so how do we lose these unwanted extra pounds? Well, we have come up with a list below which should help you get right back on track to your pre pregnancy weight.

Baby Exercises

Ever thought of incorporating your baby into your daily exercises? This way your baby has fun and is kept entertained while you work out. This means that you don’t need to keep a constant eye on your child while you work out which is fantastic. It is amazing how many exercises you can incorporate your baby into, give it a try but be careful not to do anything silly! Check out some great ideas for baby exercises here.

Weight Loss Shakes

Another great way to lose those unwanted extra pounds from pregnancy is to try weight loss shakes. I would advise you see your doctor before taking these shakes if you are still breastfeeding just as a precaution. Weight loss shakes can be a great way to lose weight especially when a new mother has very little time to actually eat. Just start with one shake a day to replace breakfast then see how that’s working for you. Wouldn’t recommend having more than two shakes a day.


Studies have yet to prove this one 100%, but breastfeeding is usually a great way to lose those pregnancy pounds. This can really help you get back to you pre-baby weight and fast. If your breastfeeding your baby all the time with no milk mixtures, this can help you burn approximately 300 calories per day. This benefit along with breastfeeding being great for your baby by increasing their immunity is a win-win.

Super Foods

If you are breastfeeding, it is always a good idea to load up on the super foods to help you get to your maximum vitamin level. Choose foods which are low in fats and calories and high in vitamins and minerals. Fish and lean meats are great ideas. Here is a great list of super foods you can use to help you get on track.