The After Effects Of Giving Birth

New mother

There are many of us out there that think that once our pregnancy is over and our baby is born, we will go back to a normal (ish) life with all those crazy effects of pregnancy. And I’m not talking about we can now go back to going out for drinks Friday night, recover Saturday, then go to the beach Sunday. I’m talking about we think that our bodies and mind will go back to normal. While for some people this may happen, but not for most of us. Most of us will suffer from some post birth side effects, here is what I mean…

Put On Weight

After having our baby, our exercise regime has gone out the window and we are probably spending a lot more time at home. And we all know that when we are at home, we like to make our way to the kitchen and have some snacks. A great way to combat this is to prepare healthy snacks a head of time and try to make at least one outing each day.

Stretch Marks

A very common occurrence after giving birth is stretch marks. Some mothers don’t get any stretch marks, some get marks that are last a few months and others get stretch marks permanently. This is caused by the dermis tearing in your skin. The dermis is the middle layer of skin which basically allows the skin to keep its shape. But the good news is that there are cures for stretch marks. There are creams that we can use during pregnancy to try to prevent stretch marks. There are also creams we can use after stretch marks have been formed and also stretch marks that have occurred years ago. So it’s not all bad news.

Baby Blues

What on earth are baby blues I hear you say? Well the good news is that they only usually last a few days to a week. Baby blues are when you feel tired, moody, and/or anxious during the first few days after giving birth. This is not to be confused with postnatal depression.

Postnatal Depression (PND)

Seems strange as we are usually really excited about having a baby, so why on earth would we get depression after the birth of our child? Unlike baby blues, you are unlikely to recover from PND so quickly. PND can sometimes go on for months especially if left unchecked and without help. It is important to recognize the symptoms and seek help immediately if you suspect you or a partner is suffering from PND. There are several reasons that can cause PND which include such as our lives change so drastically so suddenly. We were still living a semi normal life pretty much until the baby is born, then everything changes. We struggle to even make it to a coffee shop as we may be struggling to even leave the house as there is so much to prepare. I would strongly recommend seeing your doctor and talking to your partner if you believe you are suffering from PND.